We graciously accept help in whatever form you can provide. We have many needs that we count on the community to help us meet. Your donations of time, service or funds are all greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Do you work in a trade such as landscaping, gardening or knowledge of low income housing beyond the maternity home? If you have specific skills that you’d be willing to donate as needs arise this could be a great benefit. Please let us know by calling our Home Director at (530) 295-8006!

Marcia Hartman and Betty Ackley, active volunteers, sometimes take residents and to the county library for a workshop to learn more about available resources. They’re able to get library cards and check out books. They often receive items from “First Five” with parent materials and a book for their babies. The Home Director has the MTMH bookbags to give to them when they check out. Overall, a good day.

Item donations

Monetary donations